Đề thi giữa HK1 môn Tiếng Anh 6 năm 2023 - 2024

Trường THCS Đồng Khởi

40 câu
45 phút
6 lượt thi
  • Choose the odd one out

    Câu 1:

    A. fridge

    B. chair

    C. armchair

    D. sofa

  • ADSENSE / 1
  • Câu 2:

    A. bedroom

    B. kitchen

    C. garden

    D. bathroom

  • Câu 3:

    A. fridge

    B. living room

    C. cupboard

    D. oven

  • Câu 4:

    A. television

    B. food mixer

    C. oven

    D. cooker

  • ZUNIA12
  • Câu 5:

    A. clothes shop

    B. book shop

    C. department store

    D. hospital

  • Câu 6:

    A. Vietnam

    B. Canada

    C. Russian

    D. America

  • Câu 7:

    A. I

    B. she

    C. he

    D. them

  • Câu 8:

    A. cousin

    B. grandfather

    C. uncle

    D. teacher

  • Câu 9:

    A. living room

    B. desk

    C. bedroom

    D. kitchen 

  • Câu 10:

    A. ruler

    B. pencil

    C. oven

    D. backpack

  • Choose the word which is pronounced differently from the others.

    Câu 11:

    A. restaurants

    B. hospitals

    C. museums

    D. cinemas

  • Câu 12:

    A. clothes

    B. watches

    C. benches

    D. glasses

  • Câu 13:

    A. pens

    B. books

    C. rulers

    D. erasers 

  • Câu 14:

    A. bed

    B. desk

    C. carpet

    D. very 

  • Câu 15:

    A. bath

    B. table

    C. name

    D. cable 

  • Câu 16:

    A. chairs

    B. hospitals

    C. museums

    D. blankets

  • Câu 17:

    A. clothes

    B. watches

    C. washes

    D. glasses

  • Câu 18:

    A. case

    B. play

    C. any

    D. name

  • Câu 19:

    A. go

    B. follow

    C. motorbike

    D. long 

  • Câu 20:

    A. USA

    B. menu

    C. curtain

    D. huge

  • Read the sentences and choose the correct answers.

    Câu 21:

    They are healthy. They do __________ every day.

    A. football

    B. tennis

    C. judo

    D. badminton

  • Câu 22:

    __________ two bathrooms in your house? – Yes, there are.

    A. There is

    B. There are

    C. Is there

    D. Are there

  • Câu 23:

    The dog is in __________ the computer.

    A. next to

    B. between

    C. behind

    D. front of

  • Câu 24:

    My sister __________ some books and pillows on her bed. 

    A. have got

    B. has got 

    C. is got

    D. got

  • Câu 25:

    ______ car is broken, so he’s taking a bus to work today.

    A. Robert’s

    B. Roberts

    C. Roberts’

    D. Robert

  • Câu 26:

    I don’t have _____ tests on Monday, but I have ____ test on Wednesday. 

    A. a – some

    B. any – a

    C. some – a

    D. any – some

  • Câu 27:

    My _________ house is over there. They live just across the street. 

    A. cousins’

    B. cousins’s

    C. cousin’s

    D. cousin

  • Câu 28:

    Are _______ your books over there on the table?

    A. these

    B. those

    C. this

    D. that

  • Câu 29:

    Sharks can grow thousands of __________ in a lifetime. 

    A. teeth

    B. tooth

    C. tooths

    D. teeths

  • Câu 30:

    The policeman followed the three _________ out of the bank.

    A. mans

    B. man

    C. men

    D. mens

  • Câu 31:

    I'd like _________ bananas, please!

    A. some

    B. any

    C. a

    D. an

  • Câu 32:

    Beds, desks and _________ are the furniture.

    A. cookers

    B. fridges

    C. lamps

    D. wardrobes

  • Câu 33:

    She isn't heavy. She is _________.

    A. thin

    B. fat

    C. strong

    D. light

  • Câu 34:

    Lan _________ aerobic every day.

    A. does

    B. plays

    C. goes

    D. dances

  • Câu 35:

    What is your nationality? I am _________

    A. Vietnamese

    B. Vietnam

    C. England

    D. Australia

  • Câu 36:

    The bookstore is _________ of the bakery.

    A. the left

    B. next

    C. near

    D. in front

  • Câu 37:

    On the street, there _________ three bookstores.

    A. am

    B. is

    C. are

    D. be

  • Câu 38:

    I live in a _________ neighborhood. There are a lot of stores near my house.

    A. quite

    B. quiet

    C. calm

    D. noisy

  • Câu 39:

    There _________ a small cat playing with some toys. 

    A. is

    B. are

    C. have

    D. has

  • Câu 40:

    I don’t need _________ money because I’m going to bring my lunch to school. 

    A. some

    B. any

    C. a

    D. an