Đề thi HK1 môn Tiếng Anh 6 CTST năm 2022-2023

Trường THCS Lê Văn Tám

40 câu
45 phút
80 lượt thi
  • Odd one out

    Câu 1:

    Odd one out: square, science, monument, street

    A. square

    B. science

    C. monument

    D. street

  • ADSENSE / 1
  • Câu 2:

    Odd one out: genius, frog, ostrich, bear

    A. genius

    B. frog

    C. ostrich

    D. bear

  • Câu 3:

    Odd one out: maths, art, history, homework

    A. maths

    B. art

    C. history

    D. homework

  • Câu 4:

    Odd one out: celebrate, dance, revise, play

    A. celebrate

    B. dance

    C. revise

    D. play

  • ZUNIA12
  • Câu 5:

    Odd one out: jump, bridge, run, move

    A. jump

    B. bridge

    C. run

    D. move

  • Find the word which has a different sound in the underlined part

    Câu 6:

    Find the word which has a different sound in the underlined part: subject, housesschool, forest

    A. subject

    B. houses

    C. school

    D. forest

  • Câu 7:

    Find the word which has a different sound in the underlined part: cheaper, perfect, cinema, mother

    A. cheaper

    B. perfect

    C. cinema

    D. mother

  • Find the word which has a different stress pattern from the others

    Câu 8:

    Find the word which has a different stress pattern from the others: special, prepare, office, costume

    A. special

    B. prepare

    C. office

    D. costume

  • Câu 9:

    Find the word which has a different stress pattern from the others: interesting, important, longitude, animal

    A. interesting

    B. important

    C. longitude

    D. animal

  • Choose the correct answer for each question

    Câu 10:

    I  ________ at school at the weekend.

    A. is

    B. am

    C. are

    D. be

  • Câu 11:

    ________ trees and flowers are there in your garden?

    A. How much

    B. How many

    C. How fast

    D. How a lot

  • Câu 12:

    Alex always wears jeans but today he ________ a formal suit.

    A. wears

    B. to wearing

    C. is wearing

    D. wear

  • Câu 13:

    You look _______ than usual. Do you need help?

    A. tireder

    B. the tiredest

    C. less tired

    D. more tired

  • Câu 14:

    A camel can _____ up to 6  months without drinking water.

    A. survive

    B. survived

    C. be survived

    D. surviving

  • Câu 15:

    I like learning _______ because I can understand the past.

    A. History

    B. Geography

    C. Math

    D. English

  • Câu 16:

    _______ do you go to school? – On foot.

    A. What

    B. How

    C. When

    D. Which

  • Câu 17:

    Mary is ________ of the twins.

    A. the taller

    B. the tallest

    C. taller

    D. tallest

  • Câu 18:

    How _______ is an elephant? – About 4000 kilos.

    A. fat

    B. weight

    C. heavy

    D. fast

  • Câu 19:

    I have got _______ Math homework today.

    A. loads of

    B. a lot

    C. many

    D. a few

  • Câu 20:

    We enjoy _______ English because we want to study abroad.

    A. studying

    B. to study

    C. study

    D. studies

  • Câu 21:

    Are you free to ________ lunch with me today?

    A. go

    B. eating

    C. have

    D. make

  • Câu 22:

    Mary studies French at school, ____ she has to buy a dictionary.

    A. and

    B. but

    C. or

    D. so

  • Câu 23:

    Is there ______ university here your new house?

    A. any

    B. an

    C. a

    D. the

  • Câu 24:

    How can you _______ “Hello” in Chinese?

    A. say

    B. spell

    C. talk

    D. speak

  • Read the text and choose the correct answer for each question


    Tokyo is the capital of Japan. In Tokyo, there are always too many people in the places where you want to come.

    People are very polite even when they often spend a long time on traffic jams. Tokyo is different from London when you want to walk to a place.

    During the day, most people travel to work by train. Tokyo people buy six million train tickets every day. Although they are usually crowded, Japanese trains are very good. They always leave and arrive on time. On a London train, everybody in a seat seems to be asleep whether the journey is long or short.

    The worst time to be in the street at night is about 11.30 when the nightclubs are closing and everybody wants to go home.

    Câu 25:

    Tokyo is different from London because _______.

    A. it has a larger population

    B. it is a noisy city

    C. it is more difficult to walk to somewhere

    D. its people are friendly and more polite

  • Câu 26:

    When does the writer think the worst time to go into the street?

    A. When the nightclubs are closing.

    B. At 8.00 am.

    C. When the trains are full.

    D. At 11.30 am.

  • Câu 27:

    What does the writer think of Japanese trains?

    A. They are very nice and comfortable.

    B. There are not enough trains.

    C. They often run late.

    D. They leave and arrive on time.

  • Câu 28:

    In London trains, every British in a seat _______.

    A. reads a newspaper

    B. talks with other people

    C. looks like being asleep

    D. looks out of the window

  • Câu 29:

    Which statement is NOT true according to the passage?

    A. Most people in Tokyo travel to work by train.

    B. It is very difficult to go around in Tokyo.

    C. When Japanese people are on traffic jams, they are not polite.

    D. Trains in Tokyo are very good - they always leave and arrive on time.

  • Find a mistake and correct it

    Câu 30:

    Find a mistake: Peter don’t have English today but he has History.

    A. don’t

    B. have

    C. today

    D. has

  • Câu 31:

    Find a mistake: How about giving him a presents on his 20th birthday.

    A. How

    B. giving

    C. presents

    D. on

  • Câu 32:

    Find a mistake: He is such a Math genius. He is the goodest student in my class.

    A. such

    B. the

    C. goodest

    D. in

  • Câu 33:

    Find a mistake: Tom usually goes to school on foot, but today his father drives him there.

    A. goes

    B. on

    C. drives

    D. there

  • Choose the suitable response for each situation below

    Câu 34:

    Mark and Tom am reading books in the library.

    Mark: Can you help me with something?

    Tom: __________

    A. Of course not.

    B. Let’s me tell it later.

    C. Sure. How may I help you?

    D. How about reading books.

  • Câu 35:

    Alice and her mom are in the kitchen.

    Alice: Thanks for helping me to cook this pasta.

    Mom: ___________

    A. You’re welcome.

    B. I’m glad you love me.

    C. What about your recipe?

    D. No worries.

  • Choose the correct answer to complete the following passage

    (36) _______ would life be like without music? I wonder how music started. It is an important part of every culture (37) ______ Earth. Some people think our (38) _______ in music starts before we were born. Music is an essential part of my day. It changes (39) ________ feeling and puts me in a good mood. There’s nothing (40) _______ to do on a train or bus than put on my headphones. I like all kinds of music, from classical and opera to jazz, rock and world music.

    Câu 36:

    (36) _________

    A. What

    B. How

    C. Which

    D. Why

  • Câu 37:

    (37) _________

    A. in

    B. on

    C. upon

    D. into

  • Câu 38:

    (38) _________

    A. interesting

    B. interested

    C. interest

    D. interests

  • Câu 39:

    (39) _________

    A. my

    B. your

    C. our

    D. their

  • Câu 40:

    (40) _________

    A. worse

    B. better

    C. less

    D. much