Read the text and decide which option best fits each numbered blank by writing your answer A, B, C, or D. 

Environmental pollution is a term that refers to tell the way by which man pollutes his surroundings. Man dirties the air (1)___­­ gases and smoke, (2)___ the water with chemicals and other substances, and damages the soil with (3)___ many fertilizers and pesticides. A man also pollutes his surroundings in (4)___ other ways. For example, people run natural beauty by scattering litter on the land and (5)___ the water. They operate machines and motor vehicles that fill the air with disturbing (6)___ pollution.

Environmental pollution is one of the most serious problems (7)___ mankind today. Air, water, and soil are necessary to the (8)___ of all living things. Badly, polluted air can cause illness and even death. Polluted water kills other marine life. Pollution of soil reduces the amount of land for (9)___ food. Environmental pollution also brings ugliness to man’s naturally (10)___ world.


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